Choosing A Replacement Lens

Which Lens is Right For You?


At LasikPlus, we offer a uniquely wide range of cataract replacement lenses that will relieve you of the constraints of cloudy vision.

But a cataract replacement procedure is also the perfect opportunity to address your distance and close-up vision as well as astigmatism.

LasikPlus gives you a solution to all of these vision impairments under one roof allowing you to solve the imperfect vision you’ve been living with for years.

How Much Does a Cataract Procedure Cost?

The cost of a cataract procedure varies greatly and depends on the replacement lens you and your surgeon choose. The out of pocket expense will also depend on the insurance plans you have. Schedule a cataract consultation at LasikPlus and our cataract experts will discuss the cost with you in detail, including any financing options and payment plans.