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Implantable Contact Lens at LasikPlus

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Implantable Contact Lens at LasikPlus

Visian® Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)™ at LasikPlus is one of the latest vision correction procedures available

The ICL procedure is one of the best alternatives to LASIK. An ICL corrects your vision much like a contact lens, with the exception that it is permanent, doesn’t require regular maintenance and is undetectable to the wearer and onlookers. Thanks to the surgeons at LasikPlus, you can now enjoy 20/20 vision* even if LASIK or PRK is not right for you. 

ICL Commonly Addresses


While LASIK is performed on the surface of your eye using a cool laser beam to permanently reshape the cornea, the implantable contact lens (ICL) procedure does not reshape your cornea. Instead, a synthetic lens is gently placed inside your eye where it functions just like a contact lens — but without the need to ever remove it.

Another advantage of ICL is that, while it is designed to permanently correct your vision, the lens can be simply removed and/or replaced if necessary.

ICL Versus Traditional Contacts

ICL provides a much better quality of vision than regular contact lenses. ICLs offer a new level of vision quality that’s sharper, clearer, more vivid and has greater depth and dimension than glasses or contact lenses. Additionally, ICL patients live without the dryness, irritation or discomfort often caused by contact lenses.

ICL is a suitable procedure for mild to severe nearsightedness. Even if you wear “Coke-bottle” glasses, ICL at LasikPlus can help. 

Benefits of
ICL at LasikPlus

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ICL is an easy 5 step process

At LasikPlus, the Implantable Contact Lens procedure is comfortable and quick.

1 Step 1: Your Initial Eye Exam

Through a free, 90-minute consultation, we determine if you’re a candidate for laser vision correction. You will undergo many tests similar to those you’ve experienced during your annual eye exam, as well as additional scans that tell us important information about your eyes as they relate to the ICL procedure.

  • Checking for visual acuity and visual field (peripheral vision)
  • Measurement of Corneal thickness and topography (shape)
  • Reading your previous eye prescription using your glasses lenses
  • Examining your pupils for reactivity
  • Evaluating the muscle function and dominance of your eyes
  • Assessing your eye health with pupil dilation and slit-lamp test
  • Reading your eye’s pressure to check for glaucoma
  • Inspecting the peripheral retina for health
  • Assessing your overall medical health
  • Discussing hobbies and occupation

All of these factors help your surgeon determine if you are a candidate for laser vision correction, and if so, which procedure is best for your eyes. Once complete, this exam aids your surgeon in developing your unique LasikPlus Customized Treatment Plan.


ICL is an easy 5 step process

Step 1

2 Step 2: Are You an ICL Candidate?

Using the results of your comprehensive eye examination, your doctor will create your own personal customized treatment plan tailored to your prescription, eye anatomy and personal needs. Patients who are not LASIK candidates but would like to have the same quick recovery time offered by LASIK find ICL to be a perfect alternative.

In addition, ICL is typically recommended for:

  • Persons with more than 1.5 diopter astigmatism
  • Persons suffering from nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Persons under the age of 40

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ICL is an easy 5 step process

Step 2

3 Step 3: Prepping for the LasikPlus ICL Procedure

Two weeks prior to your ICL procedure, your surgeon will schedule a YAG Peripheral Iridotomy. This 1-2 minute procedure preps your eyes to receive an implantable collamer lens and does not affect your day to day activities.

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ICL is an easy 5 step process

Step 3

4 Step 4: The ICL Procedure at LasikPlus

ICL at LasikPlus is a simple, 15-minute, outpatient procedure.

The ICL procedure is completed one eye at a time with 2-4 weeks separating procedures. This timing allows for vision stabilization.

Your surgeon will dilate your eye and create two microscopic openings at the edge of your cornea. He or she then inserts the collamer lens, which is tightly folded to easily fit in each opening, on top of your natural lens, Once in, the lens unfolds and the surgeon ensures proper positioning.

For 2-3 hours after the procedure, you will be monitored for changes to eye pressure or movement of the lens. This precautionary period allows the surgeon to provide you with peace of mind as you walk out the door with a new ICL.

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ICL is an easy 5 step process

Step 4

5 Step 5: Post-operative Care

ICL recovery is similar to LASIK in that patients will see immediate results and the recovery time is minimal. 

There is no need for sutures or bandages. After about a week of recovery, you’ll be able to resume your regular activities without restrictions — and without your glasses or contacts.

Your LasikPlus team of doctors will prescribe eye drops and antibiotics and provide protective glasses to wear at night.

At LasikPlus, we schedule regular post-operative visits to closely monitor your healing, recovery and vision stabilization. Your treatment day isn’t the end of your ICL journey; it’s a beginning of a new life with sharper images and brighter colors.


ICL is an easy 5 step process

Step 5

Life After ICL at LasikPlus

At LasikPlus, you're family. That's why we schedule postop visits periodically after your treatment.

Your First 24 Hours

Rest and Relax

Your LasikPlus team will monitor your eyes for a couple of hours after the procedure is completed. You will then be given protective glasses to wear and can be driven home. We recommend that you relax and take a nap for several hours with your protective glasses on. Be sure not to rub, poke or touch your eyes. If you experience irritation, use the artificial tears provided by your doctor. Also follow your doctor’s instructions on using your steroid and antibiotic eye drops.

Use this time to rest and relax. For the first 24 hours, it is best to avoid straining your eyes through reading, computer work or watching TV. You should sleep in your protective glasses for 1 week to avoid accidentally rubbing your eyes during sleep.

Within 2 Weeks

Half Way There

Your vision will stabilize to its full potential after two weeks with an Implanted Collamer Lens in place. After your initial ICL is completed, the two week point is typically when your surgeon will complete the procedure on your other eye.

1 Month

Both Eyes Complete!

One month from your initial ICL procedure at LasikPlus, both eyes will have undergone treatment and your body will be wrapping up the healing process.

At this point, vision stabilization is complete. Your LasikPlus team will perform a series of checkups to ensure everything is progressing as expected before releasing you from care after around 3 months.

Later in Life


ICLs cause no interference with cataract removal procedures. The ICL is built to last a lifetime but can be removed in order for cataracts to be addressed.

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