Patient Stories

For many people, LASIK can be a life-changing event for the better. Hear what our patients have to say about their experience, including how laser eye surgery has affected their day-to-day lives, their work and what their experience was like with their LasikPlus staff and doctors.

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I got a wild hair right after the holidays in 2007 and went to LasikPlus to find out about getting laser.  Wow…two days later I had 20/20 vision and I was amazed. Now I can take in all the beautiful things I missed before!

Carole H., Albuquerque, NM

I am so pleased and amazed at what laser vision correction has done for me. It has changed my life. I no longer have to search for my glasses in the morning. I was truly amazed at how my vision changed over night. The next day I was seeing 20/15. I am pleased with the results and the service at LasikPlus. I would recommend these doctors to all my friends and family. Thank you! I could not be happier!

Aniss C., Baltimore, VA

“I had considered LASIK for 6 years and in the end it simply came down to diving off a proverbial cliff and taking the minimal risk and not unsubstantial cost. A lot of folks during their lives choose tattoos or some sort of body changing procedure to mark their transition into their new life and this was mine. It was a spiritual, physical, and psychological transformation. I now have slightly better than 20/20 vision. When you are ready, I highly recommend it.”

Eric L., Portland, OR

“Of course I am happy that I can see the trees in the horizon but there is something I noticed one day and continue to appreciate and it is that each morning I wake up and I can now see my beautiful wife! Before the LASIK surgery, I had to get up, put in my contacts, and then was able to see her. Thank you LasikPlus for making each morning more beautiful.”

Stephen P., River Oaks, TX

Since elementary days I have been wearing glasses and I stopped counting after 30 pairs of glasses bought since then. I never thought I could live without glasses, but now look at me! Not wearing any thanks to them. Since I had LASIK done, I am able to not only wear mascara, but a whole set of eye make-up! I look better and I have perfect 20/20 vision. People started noticing me for the first time without glasses.

Maria C., Schaumburg, IL
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