Meet Brian Gonzales, O.D.

Dr. Gonzales has worked in the field of refractive surgery since 1999, and has been with Lasik Plus since 2000. He has managed over 30,000 refractive cases. While working in the various Maryland Lasik Plus offices, he has served as an Associate Director of Optometry for the East Coast, and has also served on the Optometry Advisory Board for Lasik Plus. In addition to having the Lasik procedure himself in 2000, he has had multiple family members have great results with Dr. Goel. He enjoys practicing “happy medicine”.

“I enjoy sharing the same life-changing journey with patients that I experienced over 10 years ago.”

During his spare time, Dr. Gonzales enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He also races triathlons with PHPI racing, a local multi-sport team based out of Annapolis. He has competed in various triathlon distances from sprints to half-iron distance.


  • James Madison University, Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Bachelor of Science in Visual Sciences and Doctor of Optometry

Certifications, Affiliations, Memberships

  • Optometric Council of Refractive Technology

On a bad day, what is the success story you recall to help you through the day?

No matter what happens or how bad the day is, I always know that my kids will be waiting at home with open arms.